About Us

We are a school-at-home program within the Yamhill Carlton School District.

We are located inside Yamhill Carlton High School.

275 N. Maple Street, Yamhill OR 97148.

Need help finding our office/classroom?

See this MAP for our exact location.

The Yamhill-Carlton Alliance Academy offers:

  • a connection to a supportive school-at-home community
  • resources of a public school
  • curriculum choices, special education services, record keeping
  • Chromebooks available for check out
  • online classes
  • traditional textbooks
  • family support from highly qualified mentor teachers


This slideshow contains some of the basic information about Alliance Academy. Please contact us if you have further questions.    


Commonly asked questions for new parents:

Who should consider a school-at-home education?

  • Parents who want to take the lead role as educators
  • Parents who want more curriculum choices
  • Families looking for educational and scheduling flexibility

Who can succeed in school-at-home?

Many types of students thrive in Alliance Academy. This includes:

  • Advanced learners looking for an academic challenge
  • Advanced learners wanting to accelerate learning
  • Students needing more time for academic success
  • Students that need targeted intervention (Barton Reading & Spelling)
  • Athletes, musicians, rodeo contestants and others who are pursuing their dreams while in school
  • Students who are homebound or undergoing medical treatments
  • Students whose parents want to be more involved in their child's schooling

Why should I choose the Alliance Academy over other hybrid schools?

Yamhill-Carlton Alliance Academy offers you the best of two educational settings. We are a school-at-home community where you can educate your children with the support of a public school. We offer technology (Chromebooks and online curriculum choices), traditional textbooks, or you can select a blend of digital and printed curriculum. Alliance staff believe in an individualized, personal approach and we support you as you develop the best educational experience for your child. A licensed teacher is assigned to your family and they regularly check-in and support families as needed. We encourage our students to be active and involved in their communities and support that by reimbursing parents for eligible activities.

How much does Alliance Academy cost?
Alliance Academy is free.

What support do students get?
All families are assigned and supported by a licensed mentor teacher. In addition to individual monthly mentoring meetings with families, mentors can help families with:

  • scheduling and pacing of coursework
  • questions about each curriculum choices
  • navigating educational standards/expectations
  • offering supplemental materials

What do I need to do to enroll?
If you live within our district we just need our registration packet completed for each student.
If you live outside the Yamhill-Carlton School District, you will also need to apply to transfer from your resident district to YC.

Please go to the applicable page for your student's grade level (K-8 or 9-12) for more information and grade specific forms.