what parents say about Alliance academy:

In January 2022 we had the opportunity to present some information about our program to the YC school board. We asked parents if they were willing to send in some comments so that the board could hear what they think about our program. This is what they said:

“We joined YCAA after a friend recommended the program for its flexibility and teacher support. The program gives us a framework to operate inside of, while giving us the freedom to find what works best for each of our students. As my kids’ teacher I appreciate that when I need extra help or need someone to bounce ideas off of, Miss Kristy has been able to advise and suggest resources that will help my kids learn successfully or get over a learning hurdle. This program has been a true blessing to our family. You know you have something great when your whole family can’t help but share with other people (friends, family and total strangers) how fantastic the program is, when asked “what you do for school?”.” -Dana Grover and family


“Hello, my name is Katie Len Wai and this is my second year using Alliance Academy. I am extremely grateful for this program. The staff is so helpful and amazing to work with. They are there to help you & your children succeed. The homeschool curriculum options they offer are great for the kids. I think every school district should offer this type of program for all families. As long as I'm homeschooling my children, I will absolutely use the Alliance Academy program. Thank you so much!!!” -Katie Len Wai 


"We have two children enrolled in Alliance Academy.  We are from Dayton but were able to enroll with a district change request.  The combination of providing great curriculum like "All About Reading" which would otherwise be very expensive for us to afford and the stipend for additional learning materials really helps us craft a super learning environment for our kids at home and has made the last 2 years so much easier and steady when other things were in flux.  Our regular check-ins with our teacher/support person have helped us in many ways.  For example, we recently asked about additional reading practice material that would be at the correct skill level.  Nicole was able to find an older curriculum with student textbooks and we use this for reading practice before bed.  Alliance Academy is a progressive and adaptive educational program for today.  We can leverage lots of online resources available to us while still being a part of a supportive, local community.  We are so grateful for the program and will work for it's continuation, improvement, and growth!"  -Tad and Alanna Beckwith


“I have always wanted to homeschool my children but feared I wouldn’t be able to as I am a fairly scattered person who struggles with organization and structure. I also feared I wouldn’t be able to afford the internet I need at my rural home, or to purchase curriculum. I was thrilled to discover Alliance Academy as an option! It has provided me with the structure and accountability that I needed, as well as the freedom to choose from all types of curriculum choices. I am now able to have internet at my home, which has opened countless learning resources to us. We also have benefitted greatly from the social interactions my kids have been able to have with other kids. We have loved all of the field trips and activities, and love coming to art class every week. Every one of the Alliance staff members has been kind, helpful, and professional. I have been so impressed with how organized and friendly everything has been. I truly love being a part of this school. Thank you so much to all who are a part of it!” -Lindsey Moore


“This is our third year doing Alliance Academy, and we have felt very supported in our homeschool journey. We looked into a number of different options, including ones out of our district and in our district (Newberg). We chose Alliance Academy because it feels like the teachers understand homeschooling. It's not public school-at-home. It is its own thing. Homeschool parents want the freedom to go fast if their child is zipping through the material and slow if they're struggling. The Alliance Academy curriculum options were ones we were already interested in, so it was awesome to get those for free. And our children have had so many more extracurricular options thanks to our involvement. They've done swim team, ninja fitness, piano lessons, soccer team, and art classes. We are grateful!” -Valerie Brewer


Dear Yamhill-Carlton School Board,

Hello, my name is Latisha Barker, and I am a parent of a student at Alliance Academy.  I cannot say enough good things about Alliance Academy.  My family is so thankful for this program.  I tell people all the time about how great Alliance Academy is and how glad I am that we found it.  I have heard of other similar programs in different school districts, but from what I can tell, Alliance is the best out there. 

As my daughter was approaching school age, we were faced with the decision, as all families are, of what we wanted her education to look like.  We had been considering homeschooling but wanted to be able to have the expertise and support of a school as well as accredited curriculum.  With Alliance Academy, I feel confident in having great curriculum choices, wonderful support from the teachers, amazing extra-curricular and field trip offerings.  Additionally, the added benefit of community with other families in the program.  At home education is exactly what my family was looking for, and with the support of Alliance Academy I feel confident that the at home education my daughter is receiving is excellent. 

I hope this program continues for many years and can provide a wonderful education option for families.


Latisha Barker